Uniteam Training (UT)

Uniteam Training, amalgamation of Uniteam Marine Training Centre and Uniteam Offshore Training Centre, is the largest private marine training centre offering a wide range of STCW  courses and OPITO courses for the offshore sector. The centre is approved by DMA to conduct STCW courses.

The training centre operates within the scope of a fully developed QMS based to ISO 9001:2015 standards certified by DnV-GL.

UT is approved to deliver the following STCW Courses:

  • Deck Officer Class I & II combined Course, and Class III Course
  • Radar and ARPA Course
  • Bridge Resource Management Course;
  • Designated Security Duties Course
  • Able Seafarer Deck Course
  • PSC and RB /Refresher Training Course;
  • Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats Course
  • Basic Safety Course;
  • Workshop Skill Training Course;
  • ERM and Leadership & Teamwork Training Course;
  • ERM and Leadership & Managerial Skills Training Course;
  • Electro Technical Officer Workshop skills training Course;
  • Rating forming part of watch in Engine Room Revalidation Course
  • Marine Engineering Officer Class III updating Course;
  • Able Seafarer Engine Course;
  • Advance fire fighting Course;
  • High Voltage Course for Electro Technical Officers;
  • High Voltage Course for Marine Engineer Officers Class I & II;
  • High Voltage Course for Marine Engineer Officer Class III;
  • ETR Revalidation Course;
  • BRM and Leadership and Teamworking Skills Course (Operational Level);
  • BRM and Leadership and Managerial Skills Course (Management Level);
  • ECDIS Updating Course;
  • Ship Handling;
  • Pre-sea Deck Training.

Training Facilities and Equipment

  • Full Mission – 360 degrees Bridge Simulator;
  • Full Mission – 270 degrees Bridge Simulator;
  • Mini Bridge Simulator;
  • Radar / ARPA Simulator;
  • ECDIS Simulator;
  • Engine Room Simulator;
  • Electrical Workshop;
  • High Voltage Simulator;
  • Instrumentation Laboratory;
  • Oily Water Separator;
  • Welding, Cutting& Lathe Machine Workshop;
  • Engine workshop with bench fitting section, diesel engine used for stripping, assembling and running in practical training;
  • Training Pool with wave generator for launching liferafts, a three metre jump platform;
  • Training lake for launching and manoeuvring of lifeboat and fast rescue boat;
  • A steel mock up ship structure provided withmechanical foam making system, CABA exercise facilities with smoke generator, emergency fire pump, high expansion foam making system, simulation for all types of marine fire- fighting, command and control centre;
  • English language laboratory;
  • Computer laboratory;
  • Training videos.