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Date Shipping Circular No. Subject
21/11/2018 Notification No. 7/2018 Guidance for Seafarer Medical Examinations and Certifications (2019 Version)
12/5/2017 Marine Notice 2/2017 Marine Notice (2/2017)Annex A & B
 1/6/2016 Shipping Circular No. 1/2016 Approved Medical Doctors with effect from 1 June 2016
18/11/2015 Marine Notice 2/2015 marine-notice-2-2015-all-in-one-booklet
07/07/2014 Marine Circular No.5/2014 Eyesight standards for Myanmar seafarers
30/04/2014 Marine Circular No.4/2014 Revalidation and Up-gradation of Certificates
03/03/2014 Marine Circular No.3/2014 Mandatory minimum requirements for issuance of certification of ratings as able seafarers deck
03/02/2014 Marine Circular No.2/2014 Certification for Electronic Charts Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) Training
02/01/2014 Marine Circular No.1/2014 Ensuring Appropriate Level of Qualifications and Competence of Seafarers
17/05/2013 Shipping Circular No.3/2013 New Requirements for Security-related training and Certification for shipboard personnel
01/01/2013 Shipping Circular No.1/2013 Myanmar Seafarer Medical Certificate မ်ားအား ပံုစံုအသစ္ၿဖင့္ေၿပာင္းလဲ ထုတ္ေပးသည္႕ကိစၥ
14/08/2012 Shipping Circular No.5/2012 Continuous Certificate of Discharge (CDC) စာအုပ် ပုံစံအသစ်ဖြင့် ပြောင်းလဲထုတ်ပေးမည့် ကိစ္စ
05/05/2009 Shipping Circular No.7/2009 Guidance on the proper procedure for survey and certification of compliance of Ships with the requirement to transmit Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) Information
01/06/2004 Shipping Circular No.3/2004 Guidance on the Proper Procedure for SHIP SECURITY ALERT SYSTEM (SSAS) (REQUIREMENT AND TESTING)