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Welcome to Department of Marine Administration

The Department of Marine Administration (DMA), under the Ministry of Transport and Communications, deals with maritime and shipping affairs, endeavouring the development of national maritime transport policy and legislations as a regulatory body. For the effective implementation of the international maritime conventions, DMA ensures safety of life and ships at sea and in the inland waterways; maritime security for ships and port facilities; prevention of marine pollution from ships; promotion of maritime education and training and competency standards as well as employment opportunities for Myanmar seafarers in the global seafaring market. DMA is responsible for flag State obligations, exercising rights and duties of a coastal State and also port State control inspection.

The Department of Marine Administration is composed of nine divisions: Legal and Technical Standards Division; Maritime Safety, Security and Environmental Protection Division; Nautical Division; Marine Engineering Division; Seafarer Division; Shipping Division; Planning Division; State and Region Offices Divisions (Upper and Lower Myanmar).