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Brilliance Maritime Training Centre

BMTC was approved by DMA in 2014 for the delivery of Deck CoCs and associated STCW ancillary courses. The centre operates within the frame work of a QS to ISO 9001:2008 standard, certified by ABS.

Following training courses are approved by DMA:

  • Deck Officer CoC courses;
  • Radar & ARPA course;
  • ECDIS;
  • Basic Safety Training Courses;
  • PSC and RB / refresher course;
  • Ship Security Awareness Course
  • Maritime Security for ship personnel with designated Security Duties course;
  • Ship Security Officer Course;
  • Advance Fire Fighting Course;
  • Medical First Aid Course;
  • Medical Care Course;
  • Tanker Familiarisation Course;
  • Advance Tanker Fire Fighting Course;
  • Deck Rating forming part of Navigation Watch Course;
  • Advanced Oil Tanker Course;
  • Advanced Chemical Tanker Course;
  • Tanker Familiarisation Course;
  • Basic Safety Refresher Course;
  • Able Seafarer Deck.

Training facilities and Equipment:

  • TRANSAS NAVI Trainer Professional 5000 Bridge Operation Simulator;
  • Radar / ARPA Simulator;
  • ECDIS Simulator;
  • Desktop Bridge Simulator;
  • Instrument Room with various navigation instrument / equipment;
  • A fully equipped training block with mock up steel ship structure for AFF courses;
  • Training lake with davit launch lifeboat, liferafts and survival equipment for PSC & RB Courses;
  • Language laboratory for English Language Classes.
  • Computer Laboratory;
  • Training Videos:
  • Reference library with wi-fi connection.



Myanmar Excellent Star Training Centre (MES)

MES was approved by DMA as a training centre in 2012.

The centre has established an ISO 9001:2008 standards, certified by Class NK and working towards achieving ISO 9001:2015. The QS had been strictly followed for all operational function such as course structure, obtaining approval from DMA, training of staff, maintenance of training facilities /equipment, etc.

DMA approved Courses delivered by MES:

  • Deck Officer Class I, I & II combined, Class III (OOW) Courses (CoC);
  • ECDIS Course;
  • Radar and ARPA Course;
  • Advanced Fire Fighting Course;
  • PSC and RB / Refresher Course;
  • BRM and Leadership & Teamworking Skills Course (Operational Level);
  • BRM and Leadership and Managerial Skills Course (Management Level).
  • Ship Manoeuvring and Handling;
  • Ship Security Officer Course;
  • Ship Security Awareness Course;
  • Designated Ship Security Duties;
  • Medical First Aid Course;
  • Advance Medical Care Course;
  • Able Seafarer Deck;
  • Rating forming part of a Navigation Watch.

Training Facilities and Equipment

  • Full Mission – 270 Bridge Simulator;
  • Steering Bridge simulator;
  • ECDIS simulator;
  • Radar / ARPA simulator
  • Instrument room with various navigation equipment / instruments
  • Pool with full equipment and training facility for Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat which include a lifeboat with full launching equipment, liferaft and three metre jump platform;
  • A fully equipped training block with a mock up ship structure for AFF Course;
  • Training Videos;
  • Technical Library.