Seafarer on-shore complaints and reporting system

Myanmar Port State Control

Seafarer on-shore complaints and reporting system

(In accordance with Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) regulation 5.2.2)

Port State Control Policy

(a) To perform Port State Control inspections to check and ensure that visiting foreign ships are in compliance with international conventions;

(b) Port State Control (PSC) inspection by DMA Myanmar to be carried out by Port State Control Officers appointed by the Director General on behalf of Ministry of Transport and Communications;

(c) To ensure that the ships leaving the port meet international standards for maritime safety, security and pollution prevention;

(d) To detain the ships that do not meet these standards and to apply for a follow-up inspection before release from such detention;

(e) To establish right of appeal procedure against such detention available to be made by shipowner or company;

(f) To coordinate with the Indian Ocean MOU as a Member of IOMOU for effective implementation of PSC inspection in order to prevent substandard vessels operating in the Indian Ocean region;

(g) To avoid distorting competition between ports as well as to improve and harmonize the PSC system by means of cooperation and exchange of information; and

(h) To carry out PSC Inspections in accordance with “Guidance on Port State Control Inspections”.

Seafarer visited to Myanmar Ports can use this form to lodge a complaint under the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) regulation 5.2.2.

Submitting the form 
Attachment (Download Link)
Email your completed form (Download: Onshore Complaint Form ) to (OR) You can also submit an online complaint form. Please do not submit both.

Additional information 
Onboard and onshore complaints procedure

  • A complaint by a seafarer alleging a breach of the requirements of the MLC, 2006 (including seafarers’ rights), can be made to Myanmar Port State Control at which the seafarer’s ship has called in any of Ports in Myanmar.(accordance with Standard A5.2.2).
  • Appropriate steps must be taken to safeguard the confidentiality ofthese complaints (Standard A5.2.2, paragraph 7) and the receipt of the complaint should be recordedby Myanmar Port State Control.
  • All vessels must have an onboard complaint procedure for seafarers but it is recognized that it may not always be appropriate for a seafarer to use the onboard complaint procedure or the complaint may not be able to be resolved at the shipboard level.In this case, Ships visited to Myanmar Ports can make complaints directly to Myanmar Port State Controlwhich directly involved in the welfare of seafarers, and no action can be taken against a seafarer who has made a complaint.

As soon as Myanmar PSC receives a complaint, the followings will be undertaken step by step:

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