Active Number of Officers and Ratings

Number of All-in-one CoCs issued as of (30 June 2022)

Capacity Rank STCW Ref: Number of CoC
Deck Officer Class I Master II/2 1407
Deck Officer Class II Chief Mate II/2 1360
Deck Officer Class III OOW II/1 4109
Deck Officer Class III Chief Mate<3000GT II/1, II/2 409
Deck Officer Class IV Master (NCV) II/2* 18
Deck Officer Class V Chief Mate (NCV) II/2* 126
Radio Officer R/O IV/2 53
Others Others (DKO) 232
Marine Engineer Officer Class I CE III/2 1157
Marine Engineer Officer Class II 2E III/2 1342
Marine Engineer Officer Class III OEW III/1 3516
Marine Engineer Officer Class IV CE<3000kW III/1, III/3 21
Marine Engineer Officer Class V 2E<3000kW III/1, III/3 88
Electro-Technical Officer ETO III/6 964
Others Others (MEO) 48
Total 14850
* Near-Coastal Voyage only

Number of All-in-one CoPs issued as of (30 June 2022)

Capacity Rank STCW Ref: Number of CoP
Rating as Able Seafarer Deck Bosun/ABD II/5 13419
Rating forming part of Navigational Watch WK-DR II/4 5706
Deck Rating DR  – 4386
 Catering Cook  – 4174
 Catering GS  – 6559
Rating as Able Seafarer Engine Fitter/ABE III/5 8096
Rating forming part of Engine-room Watch WK-ER III/4 4251
Engine-room Rating ER  – 4177
Electro-Technical Rating ETR III/7 361
Total 51129