1. Maritime Legislation
  2. Maritime Incident, Accident Investigation and Arbitration
  3. Maritime Safety
  4. Maritime Environmental Protection
  5. Maritime Security
  6. Port State Control Implementation
  7. Flag State Control Implementation
  8. Coastal State Control Implementation
  9. Conducting International Ships and Port Facilities Security Code
  10. Ship Survey
  11. Ship Registration
  12. Conducting the Maritime Education and Training
  13. Seafarers Certification and Verification
  14. Myanmar Seafarers Registration
  15. Controlling Myanmar Seafarers Recruitment and Placement Services Companies
  16. Conducting the Myanmar Seafarers Services
  17. Conducting the Myanmar Seafarers Affairs
  18. Conducting Coastal and Inland Water Vessel Business Licensing
  19. Focal Department for International Maritime Organization
  20. Focal Department for ASEAN Maritime Affairs
  21. Focal Department for ASEAN Coast Guard Agency